Based in Aberdeen, our experienced estate agents and conveyancing lawyers serve clients throughout Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, and Midlothian. Our experience and local knowledge ensures that you will get the best possible price for your current property and the best deal on your new home.

For most of us, the largest transaction we’ll ever enter into will be the sale or purchase of property, usually our home. With that in mind, it’s important you take expert legal advice from the best conveyancing solicitors you can find. At Anderson Bain, we offer a focused estate agency and residential purchase and sale service.

Solicitors for Selling your Home in Aberdeen

Our solicitors and partners are extremely experienced in the field of residential conveyancing. Unlike many firms, we do not treat conveyancing as simply a matter of process. We ensure that all of the work is carried out by experienced solicitors and we offer an unusually high level of Partner/Client contact to give you the very highest levels of service and expertise.

We know that the process of buying and selling a property can be stressful, which is why we’ll always communicate with you throughout. We know that each client has their own needs and concerns and we always take a proactive approach in dealing with any worries you have.

Selling with Andersonbain means you are dealing with professionals. Dedicated property people that have a passion for getting deals done, quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss. We ensure you get the best possible price for your home. As estate agents, we’ll make sure we do all we can to ensure a speedy sale. We’ll advertise your property on your behalf. We’ll do everything we can to maximise its value and present it in the best possible light. When someone enquires about your property, we’ll let you know and we’ll take your instructions before proceeding.

Selling your Home in Scotland 

When potential purchasers view your property and wish to express an interest they will instruct their solicitor to note interest with Andersonbain. You will be advised of that expression of interest. A note of interest does not have any legal effect and does not necessarily indicate that a viewer will proceed to make an offer. Nor does it oblige you as a seller to include that interested party in any bidding process but it is a useful system and an effective means by which we can contact interested parties and tailor our advice to you depending on circumstances.

The first person who notes interest in your property may take the opportunity to submit an offer and we will advise you based on market conditions and expectations at that time. You will be free to accept an offer, reject or negotiate by counter proposing an alternative figure with the interested party. Ideally from your perspective, the marketing process will generate several notes of interest in your property and in those circumstances, we will usually recommend setting a formal closing date for your property. This is a bidding process at which interested parties submit their best offer at a pre-determined time. We will advise you of those offers and in most circumstances, the seller will choose to accept the highest offer but there may be additional factors to bear in mind including most obviously the proposed entry date. You are free to accept any offer submitted at the closing (not necessarily the highest) or indeed to decline all offers and continue with the marketing process in the unlikely event that an acceptable offer is not submitted.

It is not possible in Scotland to sell a property on the basis of a verbal contract. That process requires to be carried out in a written contract and we will advise you on the detailed terms of any written offer received for your property and on your instruction to accept an offer we will issue a written qualified acceptance on your behalf to proceed to conclude missives and let you know as soon as a legally binding contract is in place.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the title to your property from seller to purchaser and will take place and be completed between the conclusion of missives and the date of entry. It involves a considerable amount of work between us and the purchasing solicitor. We will guide you through the process to ensure that you understand what can be a complex procedure.

Your mortgage with your existing lender will require to be repaid on the settlement of your transaction and we will contact your lender to obtain an accurate redemption figure from them and attend to that on your behalf. We also deal with the preparation and delivery of a discharge of the security to the purchaser’s agents.

Following settlement of your transaction, we will attend to the repayment of your existing borrowing and remit the balance of the free proceeds to the bank account you nominate and will issue you with a full statement of account which will specify the sale price under deduction of the amount sent to your lender and the amount we deduct with your agreement by way of fees and outlays in terms of your quotation. The balance on your statement of account will be the amount remitted to you.

Conveyancing Lawyers & Estate Agents Aberdeen

If you’re thinking of buying or selling your home, we can help. We are a focused practice with decades of conveyancing experience. For expert conveyancing advice in Aberdeen, or the surrounding areas, please call Anderson Bain on 01224 456 789 or click here.


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