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Making a Will in 2016: Why Legal Advice is Imperative When Drafting a Will

With a New Year, comes new resolutions and improvements and for many people, the New Year offers a perfect time to begin something they have held off doing. For many people, 2016 will be the year that they draft a will.

While making a will may not be the highlights of the year, it could be one of the most important things you do. A will ensure that your loved ones are left an estate when you are gone and that items and capital are passed on to those you intend it to.

Danger of DIY Wills

Although wills are seen as such an important document, many people try and attempt to save a small amount of capital by creating their will rather than going through a skilled, expert solicitor. A DIY will template can be found on the High Street with templates also available online. Unlike going through a solicitor they can be cheap to create. However, they offer a meagre amount of protection in comparison to a will in comparison to a will drafted by a solicitor.

DIY wills can offer protection to those who have exceptionally basic family circumstances, however, they do not take complex matters or circumstances into account, such as children from another marriage or other partners. Such documents are also easier to challenge as they are more likely to have errors in them that leave them open to legal battles. If such a will is created and has an error it can also damage or invalidate the rest of the will.

Another common issue with making a will without the help of a solicitor is appointing a friend as an executor, as they may die before you. If your will isn't changed after their death, their executor may become your executor. While such cheap alternatives may be somewhat tempting, a DIY will can cost your family much more in the long run in legal costs or in the fact that your estate will not be handed down correctly.

Making a Will in 2016? Consult our Legal Experts

When creating a will, it is important that you inform your solicitor of all of your intentions so that your loved ones and those you leave behind are supported and your assets are passed on as you intend. By enlisting the help of a solicitor, you are ensuring that your loved ones are protected and that your document is legally binding. A will created with professional help can be more difficult to challenge and will ensure that your loved ones obtain what is rightfully theirs once you are gone.

If you would like legal support regarding the creation of a will, or if you have drafted a will yourself and would like to have it reviewed or drafted by a skilled solicitor, contact us today using our online contact form.

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