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Are Online Wills Dangerous or are they the Future?

This week, it was announced that some companies are launching an online service that allows people to make their own wills before having the document checked by an “expert.”

With less than 50% of all UK adults having a valid will, the step taken by the company is seen by many as the future. However, with critics stating that the service seems somewhat familiar to DIY wills, does offering more flexibility in making a will beneficial or will such a service prove dangerous.

It is hoped that many people will be able to use the service at a lower cost and have a document in place to protect their future. The company offering the service have insisted that the service will mean that people are more comfortable with being open about their circumstances and will be able to get accurate wills. However, some experts have stated that similar to DIY wills; the cheap alternative may prove more costly in the long run that enlisting the help of a solicitor.

Danger of DIY Wills

The service being offered is being compared to DIY wills by many, and while the service insists that the wills shall be checked by a solicitor, there is simply no guarantee. DIY wills are seen by many as a cheap alternative to making a will. However, there are two factors to take into account about such documents. Wills in general from a highly skilled solicitor is not as expensive as many people think. A will from a solicitor can cost between £100-£300, but, unlike a DIY will or online will you can be assured that it is correct and legally binding. Furthermore, you can sit with a solicitor and outline all your decisions and reasons behind them, even drafting additional explanation to make the will more difficult to challenge.

A DIY will, which can be purchased online or on the High Street, may seem like the perfect alternative to spending money and time by visiting a solicitor, however, such documents can struggle to take into account complex family circumstances and can be challenged with more ease in the court of law. Not only this, but your estate can be taken by inheritance tax, and your loved ones could run the risk of not obtaining your estate if there is an error in the document.

Making a Will: The Importance of Using a Solicitor

We understand that planning for death or dealing with the affairs of a lost loved one can be tough. However, a will can often ease some of the stress from losing a loved one by covering some financial costs.

A will can outline what parts of your estate should be passed on and can deal with some aspects including complex family circumstances and even donations to charities. As well as knowing that by visiting a solicitor you are ensuring that your estate will be passed on rightfully, you can also leave notes with your solicitor justifying why certain steps may have been taken.

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While many people may wish to create a DIY will to save in the short term, failing to enlist the help of a solicitor can be significantly more expensive in the long run. If you require the advice of our team of expert solicitors regarding the passing of a loved one, or if you wish to create or have a will reviewed, contact our team of experts today using our online contact form or call our team today.

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